• Adirondack Native

    Adirondack Native

    Todays weather kept me from my regular duties and allowed me to try out some new waters that i've been wanting to fish for a long time.  Rain showers and downpours did not deter me from fishing this Wilderness Area stream. The month of June is by far the best month of the year to fish the Adirondacks. Streams are in great shape, smorgasbord of bugs always hatching and water temps that keep fish active.  Today, I used a partridge bead head nymph and ended up with some nice brookies.  We still have a few weeks left and if the weather holds, time in July to go on a trip.  Contact me if you're interested.  

  • Memorial Day Ride

    It's my opinion that trout fishing in the Adirondacks starts the week prior to Memorial Day.  By this time most if not all of the major rivers like the Schroon, Ausable, Boquet and Sacandaga are stocked and the back country streams and brooks are starting to come alive with bugs.  I usually start exploring my favorite back country streams from now until July 4th. After that I'll leave the natives alone due to low water and heat.  It's not really worth stressing them out.  

    Yesterday morning found me traveling up toward the Bakers Mill's area of the park.  I have a few favorites up there that always hold a few nice brookies.  When I got there I realized how we are in need of rain.  All 3 of these streams were barely holding water.  For a minute I thought it was July.  

    Not to be discouraged, I drove some more, checked a few others that I've had my eye and ended up on a nice creek in Warren County.  Although this piece of water is stocked, it does have hold overs and a few natives.  When I arrived there was a family fishing at the head of the big pool and had a nice stockie on the stringer. After a nice talk I walked downstream and went to work.   Bugs were hatching, black flies were hungry and surprisingly enough deer flies to make me put on my bug jacket.  

    I didn't land any fish but missed two.  The water was clear enough so I could tell they were brookies and both were holding at the tail end of a pool.  The fly of choice was a size 10 bead head Hares Ear nymph.  This weeks forecast is calling for showers and down pours.  All I hope is we get enough rain.

  • Kayak fishing Jabe Pond for trout.

    Kayak fishing Jabe Pond for trout.

    Jabe Pond is an artificial lure only pond located in Hague NY.  Featured is an island with a standing chiminy.  The chiminy is all that is remaining of a camp that was once there.  For fishing, the pond is pretty nice. It's a stocked pond holding the big 3 of trout, brookies, rainbow's and browns.  Forage species do exist as does a small population of smelt.  The first time I fished Jabe was with my good friend Vic Grant.  We hit it just right that night, right in the midst of a peak hexagenia hatch.  The water was so clear you could watch the trout come up from the bottom like torpedos and smash the bugs as they were drying their wings.  Watching 18 plus inch brook trout come flying out of the water just a paddle length away is still a favorate memor and  we caught fish that night.

    For kayaking, Jabe isn't all that big, it can probably be the circled in just an hour, but really a nice half day place to paddle, drift and take it all in.  Getting to the pond is an adventure as well. The road in is long, steep and not maintained for the last 2 miles.  For a seasonal road it is in great shape where most cars can make it in without a problem.