• Great Camps

    Thank you Betty Jean Mason for showing me this.  What a great article and website.

    A little history lesson I hope everyone will enjoy.

  • Kayak Fishing on Lake Luzerne

    Kayak Fishing on Lake Luzerne

    June 24th, just a few days after the bass season officially opened in NYS.  Last night there was a light wind that allowed me to drift as if I had an electric motor.  All I had to do was keep the boat angled toward shore.  Lake Luzerne is a great lake to fish especially by kayak or canoe.  Most bass average from 2 to 5 pounds.  Pike in the mid 20 to low 30 inch range.  My biggest largemouth to date,  (8 pounds) came from Lake Luzerne.  In a few weeks when the top water fishing starts getting good, try   Lake Luzerne I don't think you'll be disappointed.  

  • Harvesting Garlic Scape's

    Garlic Growers, its that time of the year to think about harvesting your Scapes.  If you don't grow garlic and have a friend that does, the attached video shows you what to do with them.   My recommedation, scape pesto.