• The Notorious Hexagenia

    The Notorious Hexagenia

    The HEX hatch is in full swing. Find a lakeside, white birch tree and shake it sometime just after noon and watch what falls out. The notorious Hex hatch is one of the most coveted hatch for fly fisherman. Big trout will feast on this big bug throughout all of its life stages. Primarily found on lakes and ponds, the Hexagenia Hatch starts around the end of June and finishes up around the 15th of July.  Tonight throughout the remainder of this upcoming weekend you will find me in my Kayak, fly rod in hand waiting for this hatch to occur.  

  • Great Camps

    Thank you Betty Jean Mason for showing me this.  What a great article and website.

    A little history lesson I hope everyone will enjoy.

  • Kayak Fishing on Lake Luzerne

    Kayak Fishing on Lake Luzerne

    June 24th, just a few days after the bass season officially opened in NYS.  Last night there was a light wind that allowed me to drift as if I had an electric motor.  All I had to do was keep the boat angled toward shore.  Lake Luzerne is a great lake to fish especially by kayak or canoe.  Most bass average from 2 to 5 pounds.  Pike in the mid 20 to low 30 inch range.  My biggest largemouth to date,  (8 pounds) came from Lake Luzerne.  In a few weeks when the top water fishing starts getting good, try   Lake Luzerne I don't think you'll be disappointed.