• Lake George Blue Line Brook Trout

    Lake George Blue Line Brook Trout

    My first fly rod was given to me by a friend of my fathers.  The rod was made by L.L. Bean, 1-3 wt, 6'6", fiberglass and for the life of me cannot remember the name but very similar to the current day L.L Bean Pocket Water fly rod.  It had an old Pflueger reel and cortland fly line.  The perfect setup was a size 10 hook, small split shot 8 inches or so above and a nice garden worm.  It was a killer set up that taught me a lot about reading a stream, where trout will hold and how use a fly rod.  

    I had that rod a long time until one day I set the hook on a huge sucker and the tip broke. Heart broken, I drove around to all the sport shops looking for a replacement but couldn't find one.  I think it was a year or two later and at Ramsey Outdoor where I finally found a 4 wt, 6'6" Exelon Graphite rod which I paired up nicely with my old reel and line.  Although the reel has been replaced, I've had that rod almost 30 yrs and it's a lot of fun to fish with.

    To commerate turning a half century old, I took the plunge and ordered a custom rod.  A good friend suggested I check out the rods being made by the JP Ross Fly Rod Company.  Jordan is my friends close friend who has a passion for brook trout and is making rods for that purpose.  I reached out to Jordan by email and ended up ordering  a 6'6" Beaver Meadow Fly Rod matched with a Beaver Meadow Mini Reel. The custom options were numerous and I chose black lock downs with a maple burl reel seat.  A really cool looking rod.

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to really fish my new rod.  I chose a Blue Line Brook within the Lake George basin and access is through private property.  As always I started off with my favorite fly, The Mickey Finn size 10 and had a hit on the second the cast.  A few more holes later I noticed some tan caddis hatching so I changed up to a bead head tan nymph and immediately had another hit and loss.  This went on with 4 other fish before I managed to hook one.  The Beaver Meadow came to life with this 8 inch beauty.  The rod is sensitive and transmits the power and fiestiness of the fish.  I landed 3 more up to 10 inches and had to call it day.

    Overall, this rod is perfect for Blue Line fishing.  It breaks down to 4 pieces for easy transport and back pack carrying.  With the WF line and matching leader you can perform almost any time of cast in any situation.  It fits the exact description provided by the website with one exception, It's a really fun rod for a really fun fish.

  • Rail's and Reel's

    Rail's and Reel's

    Today,  the saying,  "You can't get there from here" is basically just an old saying.  A simple google search provides transportation services and driving directions.  Dig a little further and you can find hatch charts and river conditions. Dig further and you'll see pictures or videos of fish landed in the last few minutes.  Keep digging and you'll see there really isn't any excuse you can use not to go fishing.

    In my area of the Adirondacks you can be trout fishing within 1 hour of a train stop.  Amtrak runs daily to Saratoga and soon the Saratoga and North Creek Railway will be running. Check out WWW.SNCRR.COM for full train schedule.  Contact me,  I'll pick you up, spend the day with you on our local waters and will have back on board before the train whistle blows. It's really that simple.

  • TIME


    For the last several days I've been trying to come up with a clever way to summarize the 2015 fall season.  While uploading a seasons worth of photo's I found the picture posted above and it hit me,  the word TIME receives that honor.

    First,  as always TIME just flew by.  My highly anticipated trip to fish the Great Lakes Tributaries came and went with a flash.  That entire trip we spoke about the TIMING of the salmon, brown and steelhead run. It seemed like if we weren't on the river at the right TIME and missed that first hour of light, none of us would have caught a fish let alone see one.  Experiencing first hand, hearing stories and reading about this great system of tributaries I'm hoping we'll remember this as the TIME of the  great hiccup, not the TIME when the once great fishery began it's downward spiral.

    Although we didn't catch the numbers of fish as in the past,  I think we can we'll remember this trip as the TIME Jimmy caught the "Big Atlantic" and how everyone else seemed to catch a memorable fish.  I also think we'll remember it as another TIME, a great group of guys got together and shared a stretch of river.

    Salmon Season rolled right into Deer Season.  The club I belong to is a different group of great guys who hunt hard and give it their all.  I look forward to Deer Season each year just to spend this valued TIME with them.  From November 8th thru December 13th we spent a lot of TIME in the back country and had little to show for it.  NYS DEC had it right this TIME, the winter of 2014/2015 made a huge impact on our deer herd.  With the amount of miles, mountains and areas covered we have only 2 bucks to show for our all our TIME spent in the woods.  

    Similar to the Great Lakes, I'm fearful the Adirondack deer herd could be in trouble.  More than likely it will take some TIME for the herd to come back but if history repeats itself, it will be quite some TIME before we see another healthy deer herd.  I say this because the Old Timers reflect back on a TIME in the late 60's when the deer took a major hit due to a devasting storm and doe tags.  Some say, it never did recouperate.  I guess TIME will only tell.

    In the meanTIME, I've purchased a new calendar and have begun planning my TIME off for next year.  Like last year, TIME will fly by and this year I want to be ready for it.