• You Blinked

    On July 4th I said don't blink because Labor Day was right around the corner.  Not only was I right, but I also think summer should have gotten a speeding ticket.  It feels like just last week we were finishing up with the summer solstice and Hex hatch on Jabe Pond.  Then came the summer bass fishing invitational and now Labor Day.  Time flies by fast.

    The good thing is although most of the vacationers have gone home and we have a month of traditionally great weather where we can enjoy all the local beaches and hangouts.  Now is the time to start preparation for fall and winter.  Are there last minutes chores that need completing? do you have someone to clean your driveway for the winter and what about raking up the leaves?  

    September is one of my favorite months.  It's the beginning of a shoulder season and I get motivated.  The cooler temps will do that.  Over the last week or so I finished up all my odd jobs and chores and now ready for the onslaught of fall projects.  I'm available to finish up whatever you didn't start or didn't finish and not really all that selective.  PM or call me, I'll be happy to assist because before you know it, it'll be Thanksgiving.

    Happy Labor Day,


  • July 4th, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

    So, I woke up this morning and realized that it's July 4th weekend.  I can't believe it,  Memorial Day was just last week and now I'm in panic mode, this means Labor Day is just around the corner.  No one put this in the manual we got as kids.  It seems like time is going by faster and faster.  As Kenny Chesney says, Don't Blink.

    What have we learned so far up until now?  With the weather and no rain, it seems like everything hatched a few weeks earlier.  Most of the rivers and streams are running like it's August and unless you can catch a hatch on a pond, the trout are deep.  NYS DEC officially announced that the state is officially in a drought.  Unless we get some rain, I'll be sticking to those rivers that have a release for rafting or are spring fed.  By the end of next week if the weather stays the course I'll have to change over to casting poppers for bass. 

    I've also seen less joggers and  more kayaks and SUP's on my favorite bodies of water. A few years ago we saw the same thing with mountain bikes.  Every car had one attached to the roof or bumper. Now it's a boat of some sort.  I've been paddling all spring, well trolling streamers, but still paddling and looking forward to floating some new waters with my wife. 

    And finally, bugs, this year they're basically non existent.  I can't remember my last mosquito bite let alone seeing a black fly.  I'm assuming it's because it's so dry.

    In closing, have a great holiday weekend and get out at least one day because Labor Day is too late to start.