• 1/31/18 Running Conditions

    1/31/18 Running Conditions

    Super moon whatever day.  Todays conditions were perfect.  2 foot base and a good crust to hold dogs followed by last nights dusting to and inch.  It was zero when we cut the dogs loose and high teens when we picked up at 2:30.  The hare ran big today out of hearing on each loop causing me to pull out the garmin a few times just to make sure we were on the same rabbit.  I don't normally do that but my fear was we'd jumped a different hare and it would take us further in. As it was we had two different splits.  Wearing snow shoes was damned if you did or didn't propositon.  Snow is icy so noise made by shoes would turn the hare. We saw him twice all day and each time it was too far for a shot.  Overall a great day of running.  Looks like the long range forecast is only going to make the conditions better. Get it while you can, winter is at the half way point next week.

  • 1/29/18 Conditions Update

    1/29/18 Conditions Update

    Since my last post I've been out several times both ice fishing and hare hunting.  Although we've had warm spells and rain, our conditions really aren't all that bad.  

    For starters the fishing on Lake George has been red hot.  Where I've traveled in the South Basin I've measured anywhere from 8 - 12 inches of ice.  We have a glare top so cleats or shoe tracs are the safest way to move around.  Pressure cracks are begining to form as more ice is made.  Consideration should be taken before anything that looks iffy.  I've found most of the big perch 10 to 12 inches long in 40-45 feet of water.  Larger jigs are producing the bigger fish. Color has not mattered.  

    In my part of the Adirondacks, there is a base of 12 to 15 inches of hard snow and ice. Running conditions are icy with a crust where the dogs can stay on top.  It is borderline using snowshoes in the woods.  Expect to break thru if you go without.  Further north in the Indian Lake Region, the conditions for the dogs is almost identical and different for a hunter. Snow shoes are definitly required.  Expect the running to be tough early and picking up around mid day and early afternoon.  Be cautious of frozen swamps and streams.  Most of these areas were flooded a few weeks ago leaving either water or large airpockets underneath the thin layer of ice.  Falling thru would not be fun. 

    Now is the time to get out and enjoy our winter!!!!

  • 1/14/18 Lake George Ice Fishing and Hare Hunting conditions

    This past week was crazy. We were locked in over 2 weeks with sub zero temperatures and broke it up with 2 days climbing to a high of 61. That night it plummets and we wake up to -7 and high of 15 all day today 1/14/18.  This week we're expecting snow on Tuesday and reasonably cold temps for the remainder of the week. IN OTHER WORDS....we'll have ice for fishing and good snow for hunting hare.

    Yesterday I waited until mid morning before venturing out with the dogs. I collared up around noon and had a start right away.  All 3 boys got together and then poof it ended, something that never happens.  Next thing Paddy is back to me and the other two haven't said a word.   Paddy and I wonder down to where they barked last and the next thing I know I break through up to my knees into water.  Everything has flooded since the recent rains. Whats worse is unless its an actually waterway the water isn't exposed so the bottom goes out really fast for the dogs and hunter.  After 4 hours of this, the dogs and myself were wiped out from being wet and cold all.  I expect this will buttion up in a week or so once all the water drains out and or freezes up again.

    As for Ice Fishing today i fished out of Hearthstone Park, Lake George.  My plan was to move around, try some new spots for both Lakers and Perch.  I'm happy to say I found both.  I marked 7 to 8.5 inches of ice all day today. The lakers would chase and not hit.  The perch I found were in schools and averaged 10's.  I kept 22 Perch, threw back two and never hooked a Laker.  The south basin of the lake is in good shape and the next time I go up I'll have my atv.

    Our winter is definitely shaping up to be a real Adirondack winter and now is the time to get out and enjoy it.