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  • 1/31/18 Running Conditions

    1/31/18 Running Conditions

    Super moon whatever day.  Todays conditions were perfect.  2 foot base and a good crust to hold dogs followed by last nights dusting to and inch.  It was zero when we cut the dogs loose and high teens when we picked up at 2:30.  The hare ran big today out of hearing on each loop causing me to pull out the garmin a few times just to make sure we were on the same rabbit.  I don't normally do that but my fear was we'd jumped a different hare and it would take us further in. As it was we had two different splits.  Wearing snow shoes was damned if you did or didn't propositon.  Snow is icy so noise made by shoes would turn the hare. We saw him twice all day and each time it was too far for a shot.  Overall a great day of running.  Looks like the long range forecast is only going to make the conditions better. Get it while you can, winter is at the half way point next week.