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  • The summer of 2017 is headed Northbound.

    The summer of 2017 is headed Northbound.

    I am summarizing the summer of 2017 as the "summer of opportunity.  When I last posted I really thought I could maintain equilibrium, work and pursue my all my extra curricular interests. At the time I had just opened up the new store and the summer residents hadn't really settled into this area.  I really thought I'd be able to manage a deli/market, run my business, take care of my adult responsibilities and fish the late hatches until 1-2 am.  Boy was I wrong.

    It was like someone turning on the switch.  The next day after my last post the switch was pulled and it was game on, 8 plus hour days,  employee theft, 100 degree days without a/c, collapsing beer cooler shelving, leaking ceilings and more and more tourists.  At times it seemed like trudging through mud and the next thing I knew it was Labor day.  

    We kept Lake Shore Market open one week more to accomodate the Lake George Car Show and then closed one week ago today.  

    Since then I've closed a few camps for clients, stained two porches, one deck, begin working on neglected house chores and started fishing again.  The one thing I regret was not working out.  My schedule didn't allow for it.  

    Today I took a step in the right direction and went for an ealry morning hike up Hadley Hill and Firetower. For those of you who know me and are familiar with Hadley Hill or other popular climbs the story I'm about to tell should crack you up.  This being my first hike in quite some time I was pretty sweated up and red faced by the time I got to the halfway up.  Not only is my heart rate redilined, but my legs were rubber and I could only speak in half thoughts. In other words, what came out was an edited version of what I really wanted to say.

    So, when the portly guy, decked out in all the LLBean packs, poles boots and other attire coming down from the top told me that his little mop dog wouldn't bite me I wanted to respond, No problem, if he bit me anyway he'd probably die from all my toxins and poisoned blood. Instead it came out "he better not, I'll kill him"   I bet after he looked at me the first thought through his head was the theme song to deliverance and how do I get by him with my life and saving my dog?  I think I really scared him.  

    I really should have apologized but seriously,  I'm an old guy who has been been around and can act pretty intelligent at times, if I see a dog coming down the traiil with a hiker behind it I already assume its a cool dog.  Only a moron would bring a hostile animal on a trail like that. But seriously, what really concerned me is whether you're picking up after mopdog and why do you think your dog doesn't need a leash?