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  • Rail's and Reel's

    Rail's and Reel's

    Today,  the saying,  "You can't get there from here" is basically just an old saying.  A simple google search provides transportation services and driving directions.  Dig a little further and you can find hatch charts and river conditions. Dig further and you'll see pictures or videos of fish landed in the last few minutes.  Keep digging and you'll see there really isn't any excuse you can use not to go fishing.

    In my area of the Adirondacks you can be trout fishing within 1 hour of a train stop.  Amtrak runs daily to Saratoga and soon the Saratoga and North Creek Railway will be running. Check out WWW.SNCRR.COM for full train schedule.  Contact me,  I'll pick you up, spend the day with you on our local waters and will have back on board before the train whistle blows. It's really that simple.