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  • Kayak fishing Jabe Pond for trout.

    Kayak fishing Jabe Pond for trout.

    Jabe Pond is an artificial lure only pond located in Hague NY.  Featured is an island with a standing chiminy.  The chiminy is all that is remaining of a camp that was once there.  For fishing, the pond is pretty nice. It's a stocked pond holding the big 3 of trout, brookies, rainbow's and browns.  Forage species do exist as does a small population of smelt.  The first time I fished Jabe was with my good friend Vic Grant.  We hit it just right that night, right in the midst of a peak hexagenia hatch.  The water was so clear you could watch the trout come up from the bottom like torpedos and smash the bugs as they were drying their wings.  Watching 18 plus inch brook trout come flying out of the water just a paddle length away is still a favorate memor and  we caught fish that night.

    For kayaking, Jabe isn't all that big, it can probably be the circled in just an hour, but really a nice half day place to paddle, drift and take it all in.  Getting to the pond is an adventure as well. The road in is long, steep and not maintained for the last 2 miles.  For a seasonal road it is in great shape where most cars can make it in without a problem.