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  • Protect Your Camp While You Are Away

    Whether you own a seasonal or four season camp, cottage or vacation home it's important to keep your investment protected while you are away.

    Pipes - should be priority one. To prevent freezing or bursting set your temperature to at least 65 degrees and open the hot water faucets to just a drip.  The other option is to completely drain all lines at the end of the season. Should your pipes burst have the water turned off immediately and contact your insurance agent.

    Ice Dams and Unsalted Driveways - Clear the gutters to prevent ice buildup and have your walkways shoveled every storm.

    Trees - Falling tree limbs can puncture your roof. Be wary of overhanging branches and have them trimmed back.

    Roof - Buidup of snow over time can cause a roof to collapse.  Have snow removed from all buildings on a regular basis throughout the winter.  

    Having a friend or neighbor to watch your valuable property doesn't always mean prevention.  Friends and neighbors will check on your place at their convenience, hiring a Caretaker is a better option. A Caretaker makes this their priority.