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  • Why I started this.

    I'd never lost a job.

    I had a perfect streak from the time I recieved my working papers until May 2013.  During that streak and primarily after I graduated college I held what I consdered 3 full time jobs. I worked as the ground crew for Green Mt. Tree Experts, Ringwood NJ, a Customer Service/Credit Coordinator for the Nordstrom in Paramus NJ and bascially what the world of banking calls Relationship Manager for Telecheck/First Data Corporation these last 20 years.

    From day one, I was brought up to thinking that if you worked hard, followed the rules and maintained your faith you would be rewarded in the end.  My entire education was based on the fact that you when  went to work for a person, company or corporation you'd be rewarded financially and retire very comfortably.

    Today it is Wednesday November 5th 2014,  almost 18 months since my dismissal and I still wonder when and how this idealology changed.