• Shoulder Season

    Shoulder Season

    It's been a while since I've posted.  To be truthful, I didn't realize how quickly time had passed. I'm writng this while sitting in my dodge dealership as my truck gets its spring service.  The last time I was in here, it was around November 5th, I had severe cold/flu pnuemonia like symptoms and worring whether or not I'd be able to spend the week in camp with the guys. The other thing I remember is it was spitting snow and raw.

    Today is a complete reversal of that day.  My guns are still waiting to be cleaned, I have a leaf blower that needs repair and it's absolutely gorgeous out.  The morning temps have been in the high teens leveling out to mid 40 and low 50's.  We have plenty of snow on the ground and theres still ice fishing on Lake George.  

    These are the kind of days you wait for all year.  If I could find a place that had this 365, I'd live there, instead I'll take the bruises and wait for the shoulder season.

  • Over Due Fishing Report

    Over Due Fishing Report

    It is now June 26th and I'm posting my first fishing report of the season.  How neglectful and regretful.  I apologize profusely and promise to maintain a steady update from here on out.  But in my defense, I haven't had much time up until now to do anything.  

    Winter hung on for so long that it put me out 2 weeks on the obligations involved with the care taker side of my business.  I still had snow in the shaded area of camps on May 1st weekend.  Under normal circumstances most of my spring clean up's and camp openings would have almost been completed by then.  This year found me opening up and finishing up cleanups Friday before Memorial Day.  Just this past week I finished my last camp for the season. I can't imagine where I'd be if we had a wet spring.

    Speaking of rain, where is it?  We're in the preliminary stages of a drought.  Most of the rivers, creeks and streams are at August and September levels.  Lawns are burning up and the woods are extremely dry.  Yes, it has been cool in the evenings and early am but that doesn't help, all it does is dry things out faster.  

    As for the fishing, I'd have to say it's been good so far.  We've had some exceptional days fishing blueline brookies and pond fishing for landlock salmon.  On the rivers, the hatches have been intense with almost too many bugs.  Unfortunately for me the Hexagenia Hatch has been a disapointment. The days and nights we've gone, the hatch has been slight and spotty or the wind made it impossible to fish.  

    The forecast for this upcoming weekend through July 4th looks very hot, possibly hitting triple digits.  More than likely I'll lay off the trout and focus on both species of bass with a fly rod and poppers.  This type of weather makes for exceptional popper fishing throughout the late evening into early morning hours.  

    If you decide to trout fish please consider fishing a lake, pond or dam released rivers.  Although trout are active, fighting a trout creates a lactic acid build up in their system which only cold water can correct.  If water temps are too high, lactic acid does not displace and the fish with die after it is released.  You'd be better off keeping everything you catch in this situation as opposed to releasing them.  Right now you're best bet is be armed with emergering caddis imitations, Elk hair caddis in brown, Royal Coachman Wulff,  Adams or Brown Wulff patterns for rivers, streams or brooks.  On the lakes and ponds, Baetis nymphs and dries if it's cloudy,  Dark Hendrickson's, Grey Fox, Cahills, Adams, Buzzers, Hexagenia Nymphs, Hexagenia Dries, Brown Wulff's, Grey Wulff's and Drake patterns.

    That's it for now. I promise to keep updating and please feel free to contact me if you have any additonal questions.  

  • Airbnb, Homeway and renting your vacation home.

    Internet websites such as Airbnb and Homeaway have opened  door and simplified renting your vacation home. With the click of mouse, renters using these sites,  can search within their budgeted range, geographic area and get a full view of your rental property minus the hassle of real estate agents,   advertsing costs and incessant phone calls.  The webiste fees associated with these sites are miniscule compared to the ease and peace of mind provided throughout the process.

    What these sites do not provide is assistance or advice on how to manage your property once you start renting.  

    A Property manager and Cleaning Service are the two biggest factors you need to consider before renting your property.  A good property manager and cleaning service is someone you can depend on and will treat your property as if it's their own. Without this, the only other option is to be hands on or do it yourself.  

    A Property Manager will take care of or supervise your property.  From weekly trash and recycling removal to rebooting the wifi, the property manager is your only solution if this is not going to be DIY.  Whatever they can't do, they'll have someone who they recommend do it for them.  Finding someone local, with references is your best bet.  Word of mouth and the local Pennysaver will put you in the right direction.  

    Finding a good Cleaning Service will be your biggest hurdle.  A cleaning service has basically 4 hours to clean your property.  It is unusual to find someone who is a weekly house cleaner to come in on a Saturday to clean a rental property.  Cleaning houses and rentals is totally different.  A cleaning service takes that into consideration and cleans your property from top to bottom the same way each week all season long. They are tasked with alot of things such as keeping inventory on all house hold items such as utensils, cutlery etc, reporting damages and providing clean linens.  

    The main issue with a cleaning service is expense and dependability.   Cleaners are paid hourly and travel time to your property will be included in the price.  Most services have a referral fee and are eager to take on new business.  Do a search and contact other rental properties in your area and ask them for a recommendation.  In my experience, a cleaning service will provide reasonable pricing if they can make the trip to your "neck of the woods" worthwhile.

    Outside of the top two mentioned above some of these other things to consider; 

    Garbage and recycling, inside and outside maintenance, security cameras, pets, personal heirlooms, a house rules list, firepit safety, association rental rules, parking, noise levels and existing neighbor conflicts to name a few.  I could go on and on with examples and experiences but think this is enough to start with. 

    Today, the costs of owning a second property and the limited time a family has to use it almost makes owning the second home not worthwhile.  On the otherhand, vacationers are becoming accustomed to creating their own experiences.  Done right, renting your vacation property provides financial relief and reason to hang onto the property for as long as possible.